Apothecary Tonic No. 1

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An exceptional tonic crafted from organic Sussex roses and our special blend of bitters; Fir and Spice; Cinchona bark from a family Hacienda in Ecuador; with vibrant citrus and spice notes and a burst of bitter-sweetness.

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Apothecary Tonic no. 1

This exceptional tonic is an expert alchemy of hand gathered botanicals carefully handled to extract the maximum flavour. Roses and our special blend of bitters are grown at the organic farm in East Sussex, the Fir and Spruce are from up the road, while the Cinchona bark hails from a family traditional Hacienda in Ecuador. Rich and complex, the taste is amplified by vibrant citrus and spice notes and a burst of bitter-sweetness that excites the entire palate.


Mix with Gin or Vodka on ice, or savour alone for a truly delicious alcohol-free drink.

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