Our Tonic

We started with quinine and found the Cinchona bark in Ecuador. Now we’re cultivating dozens of trees, just for us. We grow five varieties of Rose — from floral to spicy, they had to be in the mix. The tonic needed a fresh resin so within days of Christmas we chipped our organic Christmas tree. We popped in fresh citrus peel, Juniper, our own spice blend and organic cane sugar for a vanilla note. We didn’t want to use a preservative so we added a little citric acid. Finally, we included two other bittering ingredients to add dryness.

Everything is done by hand, in small batches, from plucking Rose heads, chopping Spruce and Fir chippings with scissors, to zesting boxes of citrus, to squashing the berries and crushing the spices. No machines, just us.

Most tonics lack character until the spirit is added. Our tonic is complete alone.

And it is superb with Gin, sublime with Vodka, delicious with Kraken Rum and over ice it makes an uncompromising alcohol-free drink.

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