Our Roots

Our work is our passion, and inventing plant-filled drinks informs our days. We make in small batches, with the best ingredients from plants we grow or wildcraft.

In our hunt for sustainable ingredients we have scaled mountains, scoured meadows and searched coastlines. We have battled midges, mosquitoes and other scary flying and scuttling things. We have slept in rooms with bats, confronted tarantulas, and outrun hornets. We have been too hot, too cold, too wet, and one of us fell in a peat bog (mentioning no names).

Amanda Saurin, a traditional Apothecary with thirty years’ experience of plant work in the UK and the Levant, heads up the team of ten women and two chaps who share the adventure.

Her commitment to creating exceptional plant based products fuelled the success of a thriving sister company, A·S APOTHECARY, a luxury botanical skincare brand.

Transparency, honesty, care for environment, respect for our customers and a commitment to ethical practice are woven through every stage of our process at Fierce, and inform every level of our business model.

We thrive on collaborations with other green brands, traditional crafters and drinks makers, who share our passion.

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