The Sober Curious Revolution

Fierce Apothecary Tonic No 1. is certainly delicious with spirits but it is NOT a mixer, as our brand copy explains:

“Most tonics lack character until the spirit is added. Our tonic is complete alone.”

This is a fact we are always keen to promote. So we were thrilled when we were accepted at Club Soda’s Mindful Drinking Festval in Spitalfields, taking place over the last weekend in July.

The event attracts over 10,000 visitors, which really demonstrates just how much the non-drinking scene is exploding. Drinking is no longer the norm. The rise of health conscious millennials has certainly influenced this movement and the following statistics published by Club Soda, show that we are on the brink of a mindful drinking revolution:

Almost a fifth of UK drinkers say they are cutting down their drinking behaviours right now – that’s over 7 million people. (Source: Drinkaware Monitor 2017)

20.9% of the UK adult population don’t drink at all (Source: latest ONS statistics from May 2017)

Young people aged 16 to 24 years drink less than any other age group (Source: latest ONS statistics from May 2017)

30% of customers in a pub or bar won’t be drinking alcohol

In the UK, sales of low and non-alcoholic beer grew by 20.5% over the 12 months to July 2017.

But, people want more choice:

According to ongoing research by Club Soda 73% of those surveyed would like to see new and unusual flavours of drinks in the pub.

57% confirm that the choice of low and no alcohol drinks does influence their decision of which venues to go to.

Cost rarely makes an appearance in the answers, indicating that most customers would be willing to pay more for a healthier, more adult-feeling soft drink.

If you’d like to find us at The Mindful Drinking Festival and sample Fierce Apothecary Tonic and some of the best alternative non-alcoholic drinks around, come to Spitalfields Market, London, on Saturday 28th July.

It’s free entry, and there will also be great artisan food, fairground games, talks and entertainment, live music and more. We would love to see you!

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