Fierce Botanics

We are women on a mission – to bring you the landscape to drink in an infinite variety of ways – one drink at a time. Over months of mixing and blending we make our jars of flowers, seeds, leaves and roots into truly delicious, original elixirs.

Every drink is made, honed, tested and perfected. We use the very best quality organic ingredients so you can taste the difference. Instantly.

‘…a stunning new Tonic which has the colour of pale sunset and tastes just as fabulous – bright and bitter in perfect proportions and tastes great…’ Olly Smith TV Presenter, Wine Expert, Foodie and Columnist

‘Your Tonic is the best I have ever tasted. The advent of Fever Tree was a revelation to me, but you have totally outclassed it with Fierce.’ Moray Coulter Stern & Wild

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Our Roots

At Fierce Botanics we are plantswomen, inspired by the incredible flavours we can extract from plants we grow and travel to: distilling, tincturing, and wild crafting drinks. In Spring we sow seeds, in Summer we pick flowers, in Autumn we dig for roots — and in between we distil, macerate, taste and create to bring you authentic and outstanding drinks made from organically grown, unadulterated botanicals. Quite simply, our plants become your drinks.

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Our Tonic

Our Tonic is exclusively hand-made organically from scratch in small batches. With two hundred Roses, access to fresh Cinchona Bark, Spruce and Fir, we make Fierce Botanics Tonic. Not a Tonic Water but an old fashioned Apothecary Tonic with gentle bubbles, complex bitters, dryness and tannins. It’s a hybrid, perfect on its own as an adult non-alcoholic drink, but also delicious with Gin, Vodka, Rum and as a delicious addition to Pimms.

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Fierce Botanics: Uncompromising Handmade Plant Elixirs.

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